UCHAPS 15 for 15

Founded in 1998, UCHAPS is a national collaboration of community partners and health departments dedicated to preventing new HIV infections and reducing health disparities, morbidity, and mortality related to HIV and AIDS. UCHAPS is unique in its approach to HIV prevention in that we stand in partnership with health departments and communities, advocating for resources and services to meet the needs of individuals living with HIV or at risk for HIV contracting HIV. Through our collaborative approach, engagement in local and national policy, and peer-to peer technical assistance, our membership makes strides in addressing and solving public health challenges.

15 years ago, UCHAPS launched its first Urban Health Agenda. The groundbreaking document describes nearly 30 key priorities for communities and government stakeholders to address to end HIV. Despite significant gains in HIV prevention and treatment, local jurisdictions continue to face the public health and structural challenges described in the first roadmap. UCHAPS will launch its revised Urban Health Agenda in 2018 to help facilitate local community and health department mobilization on key health equity priorities.

On #GivingTuesday, join the UCHAPS 15 for 15 campaign by donating at least $15 to help UCHAPS continue its mission and mobilize local communities to end HIV.