Project Evaluator

Project Evaluator

The Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services (UCHAPS) is dedicated to reducing mortality and morbidity, disparities in health outcomes and the incidence of new HIV infections and collaborates with allied organizations and federal partners towards reaching these common goals. UCHAPS continually explores ways to improve the delivery of services and uses a peer technical assistance model to exchange expertise, strategies and solutions to common challenges.

UCHAPS seeks an evaluator who will be responsible for the quality assurance/quality improvement performance measurement, development and administration of data collection instruments, data analysis, and reporting. He/she will be responsible for working closely with the Project Director and Project Coordinators in the monitoring of QA/QI and overall performance measurement, the development and analysis of program evaluation collection instruments, and data reporting. In addition, this person will assist the Project Director with training and technical assistance as it relates to the integration of services across programs (PCSI) with a focus on data informed implementation.

UCHAPS seeks evaluation support to assess the impact of its programmatic offerings to its members, based on the tasks below.

  • Based on UCHAPS Programs and Activities (between July 1, 2017 and August 15, 2018), assess how members have used the information (or added capacity) within their jurisdiction, with other UCHAPS jurisdictions, and to non-UCHAPS jurisdictions. Do members believe these activities will contributed to their end the epidemic goals?
  • Based on UCHAPS social media traffic and interactions, assess UCHAPS’ ability to reach its members and engage a national audience around HIV prevention goals, activities and advocacy.
  • Based on feedback surveys completed by UCHAPS members, assess levels of satisfaction with UCHAPS programs and offerings. 

Please send cost proposals, brief bio and resume to and note Project Evaluator in the subject line. No calls please.

Ivory Howard