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Responsible Use of HIV Cluster Data for Public Health Action

CDC is holding a series of three virtual meetings on the use of MHS data for public health efforts. CDC staff will present a framework for the discussion and invite individual input to ensure responsible implementation guidance and adequate data protections are in place for this work. Join UCHAPS Project Director Ivory Howard as she shares HIV cluster information used in public health efforts from our member jurisdictions.

Each virtual meeting will last 2 hours and occur on the following dates:

  • February 13 at 1 PM EST 

  • February 28 at 1 PM EST 

  • March13 at 1PMEST 

The goal of the virtual meeting series is to identify ways that CDC can ensure responsible use of HIV data for cluster detection and response by: 

  • Obtaining feedback on a framework to consider uses of molecular HIV data 

  • Identifying best practices to minimize harms and strengthen data protections to limit data release for non-public health purposes 

  • Identifying best practices to amplify the benefits of molecular cluster detection and response through appropriate, responsible collaboration and data sharing for public health purposes

Findings will be used to:

  • Refine existing guidance to health departments engaging in cluster detection and response

  • Identify additional needs for guidance to health departments or additional audiences

  • Identify any gaps in our framework or implementation strategy, in order to further maximize potential benefits and minimize potential harms of this work

  • Develop a final report to summarize these discussions

To register for this discussion series, see links below.

Discussion 1 -

Discussion 2 -

Discussion 3 -

To learn more about HIV cluster data, please visit the UCHAPS MHS Resource Center.