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Effective Engagement of Elected Officials

It’s important that community-based organizations and local health departments effectively communicate with elected officials. When elected officials have a full understanding of HIV-related issues, they will be better equipped to advocate for community need in the political arena. This webinar will provide community-based organizations and local health departments guidance to increase elected officials understanding of the importance of public health messages, encourage HIV advocacy, and support HIV prevention efforts.  

Featured speakers

Earl Fowlkes is the founder/president and current chief executive officer of the Center for Black Equity. Earl Fowlkes has for being a longtime activist for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. Earl Fowlkes is chair of the DC Commission on Human Rights, and since 2013, the chair of the LGBT Caucus of the DNC. His current and past service includes Chair of the Washington, DC Mayor’s GLBT Advisory Committee, At-Large Member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) President of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club,  member of the Washington AIDS Partnership Steering Committee, the Metropolitan Police (DC) Critical Incident Team, and the DC Commission on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. 

Dr. Helen Holton is a 21-year veteran of the Baltimore City Council. She was elected to serve West Baltimore in 1995 and serves as chairwoman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee. As a Legislator, she developed an eye for how public policy impacts and influences our quality of life.  Dr. Helen fought for tough issues. Living unapologetically at the intersection of race and gender she works to encourage others to embrace diversity and inclusion as a pathway to our greatest success. As the Executive Director of the National Organization of Black County Officials (NOBCO), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. NOBCO leverages the influence of county leaders on issues of health/healthcare, technology, criminal justice reform, workforce, and economic development.  Dr. Helen leads the charge on education, outreach, and advocacy of social justice issues. After two decades as an elected official and 30-plus years education, experience, and expertise in business, government, and non-profit she continues to be a sought-after influencer in these sectors.

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