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Public Health Leadership Training Series

  • UCHAPS 1012 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20005 United States (map)

This in-person training series in Washington, DC aims to equip participants with the leadership skills to achieve results in the field of public health. Through a combination of exploring key leadership theories and analyzing real public health cases, participants will gain the tools and knowledge to become effective leaders, regardless of the position they are in, and to take on important health issues.

Understanding Health Equity

While the term health equity has become more common in public health discourse, questions still often remain on what it means to apply its values in practice. This workshop will provide participants with the language and tools to apply a health equity lens to their work. Participants will review key concepts relating to health equity, identify systemic approaches to public health practice, and explore the health equity analysis process.

Community Engagement

Equitable and inclusive community engagement is the cornerstone of successful public health practice. Programs, policies, and resources must be tailored to fit the needs of the communities they are meant to serve and are most effective when developed in partnership with the intended communities. This workshop will cover the elements involved in the continuous process of engaging with community, highlight best practices for community partnership, and explore strategies to identify and engage stakeholders within the community.

During this workshop, participants will

·      Learn the levels of engagement and examine their impact on community

·      Analyze public health case studies

·      Identify and apply practices that can align and mobilize stakeholders

Leadership and Intersectionality

To lead effectively in public health, it is essential to have an understanding of how social and racial inequities impact health outcomes. This workshop will focus on developing leadership skills that are both transformational and culturally responsive. 

During this workshop, participants will

·      Explore traits and characteristics of effective leaders

·      Identify the practices in leading in public health to achieve the highest level of health for all people from a social and racial justice perspective

·      Define intersectionality

·      Conduct productive conversations on leading for racial equity in public health

Health Communication

Clear and effective communication is at the core of public health practice. In a nation where more than one third of the adult population has limited health literacy, the importance of communicating health information in a manner that is understandable and accessible cannot be overstated. Communities must be able to understand health messaging in order to make important health decisions for themselves. This interactive and activity-based half day workshop in Washington, DC will focus on methods to create health communication materials that are relevant, culturally appropriate, and accessible.

Following this workshop, participants will be able to 

·      Define the essential components of effective communication for a diverse range of communities

·      Identify the messaging and design elements that facilitate understanding and engagement

·      Explain the importance of the use of person first language when disseminating health messaging

·      Describe the importance of community engagement in creating effective communication products and health resources

·      Choose appropriate strategies to check for understanding with populations of interest when communicating health information

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