Hidden Crisis: Meth and Opioid Use Among Black Gay Men

This webinar aims to create the dialogue about the impact of crystal meth and opioids on black gay men. Already bearing the burden of HIV, meth and opioid use can be devastating to a community already struggling to find resources. By bringing awareness to this subject, we can begin to shift attention to meet needs of an overlooked community.

Looking ahead, health departments and community-based organizations have novel opportunities to engage targeted populations with mechanisms that prioritize value and emphasize impact. This session will provide research findings and rich discussion to raise awareness of providers.

Following this webinar, we envision participants will be able to:

  • Understand unique circumstances of black gay men using crystal meth and opioids

  • Operationalize best practices among health department and Community Based Organization staff to more accurately meet the needs of target populations within a specific jurisdiction

  • Disseminate lessons learned with interested parties and continue identifying gaps that may arise.

The webinar PowerPoint slides are available here.

Ivory Howard