Healing Justice and HIV

As service providers, we often work to change the world while neglecting ourselves. Our work depletes us and replicates patterns of trauma, trigger, harm, and extraction. This webinar explores the dismantling of the structures that are systematically dehumanizing people living with HIV.

Webinar objectives:

  • Understand HIV healing justice as a framework that seeks to promote resiliency and wellness practices as a transformative response to trauma and the complexity of HIV/AIDS and its impact on marginalized communities

  • Address racism and homophobia in HIV work, as well as the disconnect between the HIV/AIDS and social justice movements

  • Examine how our current structures discount, exploit and dehumanize PLWH

Webinar speakers include Michael T. Everett, Chief Executive Officer of Intimacy & Colour LLC and Aunsha Hall-Everett, Chief Operating Officer of Intimacy & Colour LLC. Michael Terry Everett and Aunsha Hall-Everett collectively have almost 30 years of public health experience. The work of Intimacy & Colour is inspired by the lives of African American same-gender-loving men of color. Intimacy & Colour seeks to develop emotional wellness, healthy communication, and intimacy into the lives of the vulnerable. A healthy relationship is an invaluable resource that has the potential to change the world. We are relationship experts that focus on building capacity around emotional intelligence in order to promote and preserve healthy relationships in the personal and professional arenas. Their vision is to create a world where everyone is not just alive but living well.

Please see the presentation slides.

Ivory Howard